Are you looking to buy in bulk bras of Ukrainian manufacturer?

Are you looking to buy in bulk bras of Ukrainian manufacturer?
Place orders on all factory rage with low prices from 3000 UAH (30 pcs).
Wide model choice of bras from one manufacturer.
Sizes you need
Orders from 3000 UAH
More than 80 models of bras
Wide size choice of bras from 65A to 120 G .
The ability to exchange goods under the contract.
Free delivery upon contract signing.
Sizes to 120G
Exchange of goods
Free delivery
Buy only necessary sizes

Advantages of buying quality bras in bulk made by a Ukrainian manufacturer

Choose only necessary sizes and colors instead of the whole range. Don't overstock your warehouse.
Оптовий продаж нижньої білизни бюстгальтер модель 106 Elita труси 258
Бюстгальтери без кісточок з вишивкою оптом модель 1403 Elita
Бюсгальтер без кісточок з вишивкою недорого модель 249 Elita
М'який бавовняний бюстгальтер оптом модель 1408 Elita
Бюстгальтер з мереживом без кісточок недорого оптом модель 215 Elita
Bras without wires in bulk - extremely popular product in lingerie stores. Comfortable wireless bras successfully supplement a range of goods in homewear and textile shops.

Wonderful example of comfortable wireless bras is produced by companies Elita, Triumph, Anita, Susa, Milavitsa, Conte.

Impressive size range from 65A to 120G, wide straps, high side with flexible instalments, cups laminated inside with cotton, best quality materials for wireless bras of Elita satisfy any demand of your customers who would like to buy bras for large breasts.

Proven by years of sales, models of Elita lingerie manufacturer guarantee your clients maximum prop and beautiful shape of breasts.
Perfect craft and love for every detail

Bras without plates at wholesale from Elita manufacturer

Бюстгальетри без кісточок оптом модель 1402 Elita
Модные бюстгальтеры оптом модель 1704 Elita

Bras on wires in bulk from a Ukrainian manufacturer

Balanced women classic
High-quality elegant wire bras of different designs from Elita manufacturer with a wide size choice (cup dimensions, chest measurements) satisfy the needs of your customers.

Thin transparent luxury embroidery will add women elegance regardless of figure type or size. Soft bras with semi transparent lace will add an exclusive charm to all other items in your shop.

Lace bras with foam cups with stable materials will surprise with good support for «owners of volume forms». The perfect fit of modern breathing bras made of spacer is irreplaceable for daily wear and sport.

Wide range of bra models and flexible conditions of cooperation will increase the number of your regular grateful clients.

Бюстгальтер спейсер на кісточках з мереживом модель 1303 Elita
Мереживний бюстгальтер на кісточках модель 1503 Elita
Мереживний бюстгальтер полупорон модель 246 Elita
Smooth bras with formed cups are a must have item in any lingerie wardrobe or for a lingerie store.

Modern materials and romantic design with an ideal fit for everyday wear will gift your clients self confidence, hypoallergenic materials and comfortable cut will get rid of discomfort.

Every girl will be able to satisfy her taste and buy inexpensive bras of the Elita brand.

The best models of bras for small and medium breasts - classic comfortable bras with a push-up and an unsurpassed bra-balkonet «Angelica» which will highlight your luxurious breasts.
Invisible under clothing
Smooth bras wholesale from the Ukrainian manufacturer
Purchase terms

IMPORTANT! Choose only the sizes you need, you don’t have to buy the whole range of goods

To shop owners, we offer excellent conditions for cooperation and pleasant bonuses:

  • The possibility of installment payment for a month according to the contract.
  • The ability to exchange goods within a month under the contract.
  • The possibility of free delivery to the branch of courier service.
To owners of internet shops, working under the dropshipping scheme, we offer interesting prices.
Leave your request online on our website and receive individual conditions of cooperation.
Placement of orders
You can place an order in a way the most convenient for you:
— order goods over the phone.
— send the order by email.
— send the order over the messengers: Viber, Telegram, What’s Up.
Payment and delivery
You can make a payment through:

— bank transfer
— transfer to a bank card
— payment in a branch of delivery service

Orders are sent to the nearest branch of delivery service you prefer with the option of address delivery. Delivery terms from 1 to 4 days. To Kyiv it’s a one day, to Kharkiv — two days..
Do you need missing sizes?
Sizes that are missing (sold out) can be reordered without placing a new order during a month.

Place your orders considering desire of your clients, without overstocking your warehouse with unnecessary items.
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